Shawn Liska

for Steinbach City Council

I deliver!

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About Me

My name is Shawn Liska. I’m running for Steinbach City Council.


Steinbach is my home. I’ve been here over 30 years. I want my community to flourish, like the plants in my garden. I love growing food and working in the kitchen. I work in the food service industry. You might have seen me driving around in Steinbach delivering pizza. You can count on me to deliver results as well as I deliver your pizza!


Delivering pizza on the streets has given me a good idea of how people live. I hear what’s going on. City council needs to talk more with people in Steinbach. I’m running to increase community engagement and take action for peoples’ needs.


I was among the first students to graduate from the Business Administration program at Red River College, Steinbach campus. I consider all sides of the debate to make informed decisions. I’m running to make sure peoples’ needs are prioritized in council, as well the interests of business.

I love sports, cooking, and spending time with my family.


Vote Shawn Liska for Steinbach City Council – I deliver!

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Here's what's important to me

People in Steinbach should have a bigger say. I want to engage the community so people can make their voices heard.


Walking, biking, and driving around Steinbach should be safe. I support policies that improve traffic and pedestrian safety.


Sports and recreation can bring people and revenue to Steinbach. The new events centre should bring the best economic opportunities to Steinbach’s downtown.


People in Steinbach need more affordable housing options. City council should be more focused on making evidence-based decisions about the affordable housing needs of people in Steinbach.


The cost of living keeps going up. More people depend on services, like food banks. I want to work with non-profits to help people with necessities, like groceries.

I want to bring back commercial recycling services. Businesses pay taxes. They should get recycling services instead of having to throw everything in the dumpster.


Seniors want to stay in their homes for as long and as safely as possible. Seniors should have more transportation options, like handi-vans. Winter walking should also be easy and safe.